What Debt Collection (Disturbingly) Sounds Like for Millions of Americans


Cord Jefferson of The Root uncovered this disturbing audio recording of a debt collection call to Romanda Lucas.

While I hesitate to share this because of it’s level of contempt and vulgarity, I am doing so because this gives a visceral insight into what millions of Americans, behind in their bills, are facing on a daily basis.

The threats from this call caused Romanda Lucas to change the locks on her home, because she literally feared for her safety and that of her family.

The accent of the caller suggest it originated from India, a popular source of staffing for many domestic debt collectors who use cheap overseas labor to harass and intimidate our friends and families.

In 2010 Sen. Al Franken’s (D-Minn) crafted enlightened legislation titled the End Debt Collector Abuse Act (EDCAA) bill. If turned into law, the legislation would prohibit collectors from seeking arrest warrants to collect debts and toughen already existing penalties against collectors who use illegal methods, like slurs and threats of violence, to collect money.

While it never made it to the floor for debate, I encourage Sen. Franken to reintroduce this needed legislation in 2012.



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